Hugo Release 59.0


The timing of this release is motivated by getting the copies of the docs repositories in synch, now fully “Hugo Modularized”. But it also comes with some very nice additions:

It is now possible to set the target format and the background fill color when processing images, e.g.:

{{ $image.Resize "600x jpg [[b31280]]" }}

See Image Processing Options.

Another useful addon is the $pages.Next and $pages.Prev methods on the core page collections in Hugo. These works the same way as the built-in static variants one Page, e.g. .Next and .NextInSection:

{{with .Site.RegularPages.Next . }}{{.RelPermalink}}{{end}}

The above is a functionally equivalent (but slightly slower) variant of:

{{with .Next }}{{.RelPermalink}}{{end}}

See Pages Methods for more information.